The Mwah! Makers

We’re obsessed with a few things. In no particular order: Creaminess. Smooth, velvety, luscious texture. Tastebuds. Drips! Things that ooze (deliciousness). Treating ourselves with little moments of unapologetic pleasure. Did we mention creaminess?

But a few years ago, we realised that our obsessions had one thing in common – cows. And that was a BIG problem. The negative consequences dairy production generates are unsustainable. It’s an insecure, unstable, wasteful, expensive and unreliable food system. 

We wanted to give up the cows, but really, really didn’t want to give up our favourite treats, and especially, their delicious creaminess. So we did something about it. 

Over the last years, we have been developing a cutting-edge methodology that cracks the code of creaminess, using plants. The result? A range of delicious dairy-inspired indulgent experiences, that tickle the planet whilst they tackle the planet.

We are also obsessed with challenges, which is why we decided to go to market with the ultimate expression of indulgent creaminess…


We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it and the rest of our range, which, friends, will have you gesticulating one thing only…


The indulgent founders

After many years pushing the boundaries in F&B, we set about finding a solution that provides us with the orgasmoleptic (good word, hey!) experience we love, and at the same time, helps end the impact of dairy production on our planet. Because we hated the feeling that with every spoonful of dairy, we were eating the future of our grandkids. 


Claudia Comini

Co-founder & Director

A magic mixologist (ask her for the cinnamon trick). With more than 15 years of experience in the fantastic world of mixing aromas and flavours.


Damian Piedrahita

Co-founder & CEO

A world-famous plant-based chef, with more than 10 years working as an ambassador & consultant of plant based gastronomy.